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en dag siden
Tandrem/kæde, Volkswagen Golf 2013
Intet at beklage sig over overhovedet !
6 dage siden
Aircondition, Audi A3 2012
9 dage siden
Toyota C-HR 2018
I asked if I could get my car done 1 hour earlier than was agreed on, knowing that they had my car for 8 hours and the job should only take 5.5 hours. The mechanic that was working on my car made sure he had my number and said he would call if he could get it done earlier. I did not get a call, I was pretty sure I would not. So I show up at the original time agreed upon and my car is still in pieces all over the floor and it's closing time. I tell the mechanic I need my car in the morning, what is the plan? He says it will be done today. I can see 2 hours of work to go on my car. I ask why my car isn't ready. The first thing he says is that I was supposed to call him at some point. If I was supposed to call him why did we make sure he had my number and not the other way around. This was a lie. He then says that "tiden løbet væk fra mig". Like that is an excuse. This means he stopped working on my car and went and worked on something else. Poor work place ethic. He then tries to say there was some problem but could not explain what it was. I had also told him, when we talked in the morning, that there was 2 very videos on youtube that showed bolt for bolt. wire for wire how to install the part being installed. There is no excuse except poor service. On top of all of this my wife had to go back the next day to get the paperwork for Skat that should have been given to me when I got my car back. Overall it was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a auto mechanic. Not sure why I am giving them 2 stars as I am still unsure if the part is installed right as there seems to be an issue with the lights on my trailer.
11 dage siden
Hjulskifte, Seat Toledo 2015
Prisen var ikke den som lovet der kom moms oveni selvom det på nettet stod til at være inkl. Moms
12 dage siden
Aircondition, Citroën C1 2011
14 dage siden
Aircondition, Mazda 6 2002
20 dage siden
Skoda Octavia 2015
Super som altid
29 dage siden
Aircondition, Suzuki Swift 2014
29 dage siden
Volkswagen Golf 2018
30 dage siden
Tandrem/kæde, Fiat Ducato 1991
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