Seneste bedømmelser

2 måneder siden
Jesper M.
Citroën C4 2018
3 måneder siden
Citroën C4 Grand Picasso 2013
3 måneder siden
Peter D.
Nissan Qashqai 2010
Efter at have konsulteret et andet værksted, som havde opgivet mit startproblem, var det en fornøjelse at Smørum Autogård lynhurtigt lokaliserede fejlen.
3 måneder siden
Marta M.
Kia Picanto 2016
Picked this place because it was written that the time was available on Friday. I needed my wheels switched fast so even though it was 300-400 kr more expensive than some other places from Autobutler, I chose them. Got time Tuesday... Took time off from work to drive my car to a workshop in the middle of the day only to be greeted and told "oh the wheels are not in yet, come tomorrow." They could have just called me... After I declined driving a car back and forth with wheels that might explode anytime, we got a service car for a day (thumbs up for them). The next day when we were supposed to pick the car up, they called me to let me know the car is ready. My bf left the house within 20 min of the call (at least one of us could leave at the instant notice in the middle of the working day...), and they called me again asking if I'm on my way 20 minutes after 1st call. Then they called me again like 10 minutes later asking where I am and how much in hurry they are. At this point, I was totally annoyed. Common, you are calling constantly in the middle of a day and a snowstorm so we would hurry even more to pick the car up (even though we were already on our way) but you never bothered calling me that wheels have not been delivered yet on the appointment day.... That is so unprofessional. We do work and to go to the workshop we have to take time off the work. The service quality: the wheels are on so I guess they did their job. One more thing, don't sit down on the bench at the reception, I did and got a sticky stain on my pants.
3 måneder siden
Søren R.
Nissan Qashqai 2014
Fin service og hurtig udførelse samt fornuftig pris
3 måneder siden
Palle K.
Opel Insignia 2014
3 måneder siden
Filip O.
BMW 116d 2016
Det gik lyn hurtigt, hjælpsomme. De effektive.
3 måneder siden
Kasper K.
Audi A 3 2013
Venlige og service mindede
3 måneder siden
Alessandro S.
Fiat Tipo 2017
4 måneder siden
Faizan A.
Mercedes-Benz C-Klasse 2018